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Bikes and Accessories

Men's Bikes

London’s most comfortable and stylish bicycles. They have 7 speeds, ding-dong bells and generous padded seats. High-quality adjustable helmets are provided for everybody, and we also offer rain ponchos in the case of inclement weather, along with lights, hi-vis vests and gloves for the winter months.

Ladies' Bikes

The lady’s alternative comes fitted with a classy and convenient wicker basket. The top tube is lowered, so stepping on and off is easier. Bigger children are usually more comfortable on this bicycle due to the lower positioned top tube. Baskets are detachable.

Boys' 24" Bikes

Our 24-inch bikes have twistable grip-shifters and front and rear hand-brakes. Children should be comfortable with changing gears and riding in a straight line at the same time. Approximate height of rider: 130-141cm (51-55.5 inches)

Girls' 24" Bikes

The top tube is lowered on the girl’s alternative making stepping on and off easier. Approximate height of rider: 130-141cm (51-55.5 inches).

Girls and Boys' 20" Bikes

Our smallest bicycles are recommended for children who are comfortable with hand-brakes and shifting between gears. All tours travel at a leisurely pace, but it is very important that all young participants can ride in a straight line and keep pace with the group. Approximate height of rider: 125-136cm (49-53.5 inches).
PLEASE NOTE: we only permit children under the age of 8yrs to join private tours.

Tag A-Long Trailer bicycle

Our single wheeled tag-along tandems are designed so that the rider can’t tip over like on a 2 wheeled trailer. The trailer attaches to an adults seatpost and the passenger can pedal along or sit back and enjoy the ride. All riders over 38.5kg (85lbs) must ride their own bicycle. We do not have tandem options available for adult riders.
PLEASE NOTE: child seats are only available on private tours.

Child's Seat

Our child seats are designed for children from 13 months old and up to a maximum of 15kgs (33 lbs). They are positioned on the front of the adult’s bicycle for improved balance, and so that your child can see what you see and can better enjoy the ride.
PLEASE NOTE: child seats are only available on private tours.

Keep Calm & Cycle On!

London’s most comfortable seats mean that you’ll never leave BrakeAway feeling saddle-sore.

Rain Ponchos

Although London actually gets less annual rainfall than in Paris, Rome, Istanbul and Beirut(!), we do provide rain ponchos in the case of inclement weather.

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